Way of the Wicked

Act III: To Fireaxe!

Bringing the tools of war to those who would craft it.

Our villains, now officially known as The Nessian Knot, set sail with Captain Kargeld Odenkirk to transport a shipment of Armaments to Sakkarot Fireaxe, a fearsome bugbear warchief who will use them to band together the savage bugbears of the north and lead them to war with Talingarde. On their trip, the Nessian Knot is stopped for inspection by The Blade of St. Martius. After killing the inspectors The Knot is taken to Seal Isle, where Captain Odenkirk organizes a hunting expedition. The Knot moves around the island hunting seals, and dealing with the threats of the islands protectors. After the hunt travel continues, bringing the party to Fireaxe’s encampment.



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