Way of the Wicked

Act Two: Into the Knot

The Mysterious Benefactor revealed!

Our villains are introduced to their mysterious benefactor Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, High Priest of AAsmodeous in Talingarde. He congratulates them on their escape of Branderscar prison and offers them the option to take up the fight to bring down Talingarde with him. Signing an infernal contract in blood, our villains are tested. They are charged by Cardinal Thorn to bring him a pendent from his basement, one of silver inlaid with sapphire. They delve into the basement dungeons and learn the nine lessons Cardinal Thorn has set out before them, capturing Sir Balins personal squire Timeon, before confronting Sir Balin of Kalford themselves, slaying him. Our villains steal his very soul, and claim from him their prize, a holy symbol of Mitra cast in silver and inlaid with sapphire. Upon returning to Cardinal Thorn, he deems the villains worthy of his teachings, and sets out to train them, bestowing boons upon them.



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